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Destination NSW is committed to maintaining your privacy.

Your rights

When you use this site, your privacy is protected by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) (PPIPA). Destination NSW has introduced practices and procedures to maximise compliance with PPIPA through its Privacy Management Plan. The following statement outlines in some detail the purpose for the collection of your personal information. However, if you would like more information about your rights concerning privacy you can view the organisation's Privacy Management Plan. If you are a tourism operator, any matter that may be considered as "commercial in confidence" is protected by both the PPIPA and the Freedom of Information Act.

Destination NSW' obligations

Visitnsw receives more than 130,000 visitors per month. Destination NSW collects personal information through this Internet site directly from consumers in order to provide tourism or travel information service to the consumer and to make reservations and bookings for the various tourism products in New South Wales. The provision of your personal information on this web site is voluntary. However, it you choose not to provide your information we may not be able to forward the material that you are requesting or to provide you with one of the numerous booking services available through this web site. At the bottom of this page, this privacy statement details the specific purposes for each one of the Organisation's Internet collections on this web site.

Destination NSW will only disclose personal information about you in accordance with the Information Protection Principles. Where we use a third party contractor to provide this web site with booking services or information mailing services, we ensure that our service agreements include privacy protection clauses. For more information concerning our privacy policy or information handling practices, please refer to the appropriate sections below.

If you feel aggrieved by the conduct of Destination NSW in respect of your privacy, then you are entitled to ask to have that conduct reviewed. If you would like information on how to make an application to have conduct reviewed, contact the Manager, Policy & Planning via our reception on 9931 1111.

Internet use

There are risks associated with the transmission of information over the Internet and you should therefore make your own assessment of the risks in the provision of your information to Destination NSW' Internet sites The web sites contain numerous links to other organisation's web pages. Destination NSW is not responsible for the information handling practices or privacy policies of those other organisations.

Destination NSW can of course provide you with an alternative means of dealing with it, or transacting business with it, if you feel uncomfortable with the electronic transmission of information.

This site contains cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is sent back to your hard drive from a host webpage. They record your preferences in relation to your use of a site and provide us with other information about your enquiry that allows us to recognise you in the future. The cookies on this site do not read the information on your hard drive. They do not make your computer perform any actions or make your computer send information to any other computer via the internet. Cookie information is not stored or collected by this Organisation.

We also use cookies for security reasons on our sites where we collect your personal information in order to make a payment for either a booking or where we collect your payment to make another form of purchase. Our server cannot find out your name or email address, or anything about your computer, by using cookies. Our cookies can make your next visit to our web page simpler and easier. You may wish to set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether or not to allow it on to your hard drive. However, if you decide to not accept our cookies, some of our web pages may not display properly or you may not be permitted to access certain information.

How you can access your personal information

You can access any of your personal information that we hold. Destination NSW provides a right of access and alteration to the personal information held about you in accordance with the PPIPA and the Freedom of Information Act. If you would like to know more about the personal information that we may hold on you please email us.

Once this Organisation receives information from you via email or any of our other on-line applications, your information is stored in a secure environment. Your personal information will not be released unless we reasonably believe that a law requires it or where we seek your express permission to disclose your personal information.

Why we collect personal information

Destination NSW conducts a large part of its operations over the internet. As part of its function, Destination NSW processes thousands of requests for tour brochures or information, provides avenues for the booking of holidays or facilities, provides opportunities for tourism operators to market and promote their services, sells industry based publications, conducts many exciting competitions and collects information on the types of holidays or events that you, the consumer, would like to see more of in the future so that we can help the tourism industry grow.

In order to provide as much information as possible, our website is quite large. For this reason, we have designed this section in a manner that provides you with a quick and easy pathway to understanding our practices and procedures at each web page. Simply click on the page headings below to view the personal information collection policy for your area of interest:



This site offers an extensive list of free maps. To download a map, please follow the downloading instructions. The downloading of these maps does not involve the collection of personal information.

Your email requests for maps or other information are only used by this Organisation to process your request for information and are not collected for any other purpose. After your request for information has been processed, your email request and any personal information it contains is safely destroyed.

Activities and attractions


These sections cover Tours, Attractions, Events, Transport and Hire. Destination NSW collects your personal information in order to process your request for a booking enquiry or to make a booking. Whilst the provision of this information is voluntary, without it we would not be able to process your request for the information or to make the booking. Your personal information is held by Destination NSW and disclosed to our contractors who provide the booking service and/or arrange to forward the information that you have requested.



Competitions on this site are designed to encourage consumers to participate in travel related activities and to collect specific market research and/or demographic information that the Destination NSW may use for planning and strategy development of future tourism products.

Once the winning entrant is determined, the personal information contained in the remaining unsuccessful entries is de-identified so that your identity can no longer be determined within the market research material. The original entry form is held by the Department.

After the competition is determined, the remaining information is only used in an aggregated form as statistical information. The statistical information that is collected is analysed to allow us to deliver more exciting and competitive holiday destinations that in turn allow the tourism industry in this state to grow.

As part of a competition, Destination NSW may invite entrants to select the option of receiving special promotional material via email. At this time, we may collect relevant preference information to better tailor the special promotional material we send to you. Should you elect to receive the special promotional material, the personal information we collect from you will only be used to send you the special promotional material and will not be used for any other purpose. The receipt of the special promotional material is voluntary and can be changed, deleted or unsubscribed at any time. Destination NSW will only disclose the personal information collected by this competition to our partners in this specific competition and will not disclose your personal information to any other organisation.

Tourism Operators


In order to promote the travel services that are available within the regions of New South Wales, Destination NSW provides links from this website onto tourism operator's sites.

The process by which the link is established does not collect any personal information.

However, once on the Tourism Operator's site the end users should note that Destination NSW is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of those tourism operators.

Webmaster Feedback


Destination NSW values any comments you may have concerning the structure or content of this site. Your comments will be kept on file for planning purposes, so that our future upgrades to the site can incorporate the wishes of our users. Your email comments will be kept solely for the purposes of future planning and will not be integrated into any of our consumer databases. We will not disclose your email addresses nor any personal information they may contain, to any one outside this organisation. Should you wish to view your comments at any time please email us. - Sydney tourism